A member of GET Lyo Solutions

An independent, globally operating consulting and contract development company with special focus on pharmaceutical freeze drying.

Explicat Pharma

A member of GET Lyo Solutions

A globally well recognized company in formulation and analytical development, technical project management, QP services and regulatory affairs.


A member of GET Lyo Solutions

Provider of a innovative and one of its kind real-time wireless sensor system to monitor product temperature during freeze drying in all scales of equipment.

GET Lyo Solutions, a One-Stop-Shop for freeze drying

Gilyos, Explicat Pharma, and Tempris, three independently operating companies, have formed the strategic alliance Get Lyo Solutions to support your product development, manufacturing and market approval in the field of pharmaceutical freeze drying.


The members of Get Lyo Solutions are all family-owned, medium-sized companies which are experts in their field and have decades of experience and successful (proven) track records.


The benefit for our customers: a One-Stop-Shop solution using our tremendous network to achieve the desired project goals. Our capabilities range from early development of a drug candidate through it's market approval.



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Benefit from our more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical freeze drying, both in an academic and industrial environment.


Gilyos applies the most recent, highly innovative equipment and instrumentation in their laboratories.


Our precision, quality and solution driven approaches translate into your success.


The Gilyos philosophy
"right first time


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Benefit from a team of comprehensive industrial experience for various galenical developments.


Explicat combines state-of-the-art Cmc project management, Quality-by-Design (QbD) approaches and regulatory strategies.


The Explicat Philosophy

"If you have an early lyo development candidate, we take over full responsibility and get it on the market"


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BENEFIT from the only one of its kind developer and manufacturer of truely wireless and battery-free temperature measurement systems for freeze drying.


TEMPRIS is a technology which represents straightforward process analytical technology (PAT) for freeze drying. Tempris can be applied on all sizes of freeze dryers, i.e., from laboratory up to large scale production.


The Tempris Philosophy
"Easify your lyo process"


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Three strong Partners,

Long-term relationships.

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Select Get Lyo Solutions as your competent partner for your freeze drying tasks:


GET Lyo Solutions with its member companies is small enough to handle projects highly flexible, but at the same time also big enough to master ambitious development challenges.


GET Lyo Solutions services range from a single analytical measurement up to a full product development, identification of optimum CMO, scale up and regulatory package. It is your choice.


GET Lyo Solutions provides true custom made solutions and innovations in the field of pharmaceutical freeze drying.


GET Lyo Solutions is an alliance of well recognized, independent experts. Participate from our tremendous network and experience.


GET Lyo Solutions offers One-Stop-Shop solutions to our customers. No need for multiple sourcing and contracts. We take care of it!

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Friedrich-Bergius-Ring 15
D-97076 Würzburg


Phone: +49 931 90705678



Explicat® Pharma GmbH
Georg-Knorr-Straße 4
D-85662 Hohenbrunn


Phone: +49 8102 72785-0


Tempris GmbH
Industriestr. 25, Geb. 2
D-83607 Holzkirchen


Phone: +49 8024 47447-0