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Gilyos applies the most recent, highly innovative process and analytical equipment and instrumentation related to freeze drying in their labspace. We are more than an end-user of equipment. We partner with industry leaders to develop technologies that extend the understanding of freeze drying processes. Innovations are central to progress for us.


Benefit from more than 20 years of experience in the field of freeze drying, both in an academic and industrial environment.

Examples of frequently requested development & consulting services:


  • Formulation development of small molecules, proteins, peptides, vaccines, nanoparticles, polyplexes and other complex (drug delivery) systems.
  • Thermal characterization of developed formulations (Mdsc, Lt-Fdm, and other techniques).
  • Selection of optimum primary packaging material (vial, syringe, etc.).
  • Freeze drying cycle design and and optimization using state of the art Process Analytical Technology (Pat), controlled nucleation strategies and QbD concepts.
  • Physicochemical characterization of freeze dried products (e. g. Xrpd, Kf, Dvs, Bet, Sem, and many more).
  • Stability testing at Ich conditions.

  • Troubleshooting existing cycles.

  • Cmo identification.

  • Scale-up, scale-down and technical transfer of freeze drying cycles.

  • Support in selection (specification) of your new freeze drying equipment (lab to production range).



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Freeze drying is a multi-disciplinary field which starts with aspects of chemistry and biochemistry during formulation development and ends with engineering principles during manufacturing. A sound understanding of basic principles and fundamentals of the related disciplines is therefore mandatory to successfully accomplish a freeze drying project.


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