revolutionize you lyo process monitoring

Tempris is a highly innovative technology for real-time product temperature measurement using a wireless sensor system without battery.


Tempris was developed in close collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies and universities in Europe and the United States.


Tempris is true PAT for freeze drying: literally the same Tempris sensors can be used both in laboratory scale (development) and production scale (routine manufacturing) freeze dryers under cGMP.


Tempris was the first of its kind temperature  monitoring technology on the market and is until today not linked to any equipment vendor.

Examples of Tempris applications:


  • Real-time product temperature monitoring
  • Hot & cold spot monitoring
  • Freeze drying cycle optimization
  • Scale-up, scale-down & recipe transfer
  • Tempris data serve for regulatory submission filing



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Tempris Service and Support

The Tempris service and support team offers a variety of services such as calibration and maintenance to ensure your temperature measuring system is running at its best performance and provides you with the most accurate data possible.


Precision and accuracy is key in our technologized world. Incorrect data may have expensive consequences. Measuring devices become older because of mechanical, chemical or thermal stress and most certainly provide changing results over time. Even though this cannot be avoided, it is possible to recognize this rather early through regular calibration and maintenance. In order to sustain highly accurate product temperature measurements, there is an ongoing need of sensor calibration on an annual basis. We can provide such calibration services in due time and full documentation.

Regulatory framework

Regular checks for your measuring devices are mandatory according to almost all regulation and quality standards. Therefore, for each calibrated device; you will receive a calibration certificate according to ISO 9001:2015.

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